• Driving safely
    by Riihimäen

Do you wish to complete your studies at the driving school in english? No problem, we also teach motorcycle (A1, A2 and A), car (B) and truck (C1 and C1E) lessons in english. We have english courses starting regularly. To sign up or to see when the next course is click here. webauto.

We have courses in Riihimäki and Hyvinkää. For pricing click Hinnat ja ajokortit at the top bar or call us. If you already have a licence from a different country and want to get a Finnish licence the price might be cheaper

The basic car (B) course includes 4+4 theory lessons in a classroom and a minimum of 10+4 driving lessons. Each theory lesson is 45 minutes and driving lessons are 50 minutes each.

After you have completed the theory lessons you have to take a theory test. We have an english practice software for the test online so you can practice for it at home as much as you like. You also get an english book that is used in the lessons. It is recommended to complete the theory part before you start driving.

The driving lessons begin with basic car handling and we proceed to more complex traffic situations as your skills improve. A skidpad training and a driving in the dark lesson are also included. After you have completed enough lessons you have to take a driving test. After you pass the test succesfully you get a licence.

For additional information come visit us or call 050 441 6488